China: investment diversification

China has long been regarded as one of the top emerging BRIC nations. Today it offers a diverse range of opportunities, from core exposure in gateway markets to opportunities in second and third tier cities. Once again, China’s GDP is set to be one of the global growth drivers this year.

This session answers a number of burning questions about China, including:

What are the sectors and cities offering the most exciting growth opportunities in China in 2012?

How transparent and liquid is the Chinese market? Are there opportunities for foreign investors?

What returns are on offer, and do they balance the risks?

Are global investors embracing the China growth story? How has sentiment changed in the last three years?

Will the Chinese government release the economic handbrakes his year, and how will this affect the country’s many markets-within-markets?


John Stinson, Head of Capital Markets Group, Asia Pacific, Cushman & Wakefield

Frank Khoo, Global Head of Asia, AXA Real Estate
Yue Tang, Attorney/Partner, Jun He Law Offices
Choy-Soon Chua, Managing Director, SEB Investment GmbH

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