A new study from Total Beauty Media Group reveals that women are spending more and more time researching products before buying. It also shows that they are most influenced by peer reviews and seek to have a deeper brand experience when selecting new products(₁). As the consumer increasingly go online for research and reviews, there is no doubt that marketers in the beauty retail segment are sitting on enormous potential via social media and e-commerce. An example of this is with the compelling multichannel strategy of French beauty retailer, Nocibé. With a thriving Facebook page, an incentive-driven Twitter engagement, and an iPhone application to boot, this French beauty retailer is well ahead in the race.
Only 2nd to market leader Sephora, Nocibé, a competing beauty retailer, has built an impressive presence in France with nearly 500 stores countrywide. Launched in 1984, Nocibé began as a simple perfumery. Since its expansion, they have grown their offer to include cosmetics, healthcare products, make-up, bath and other beauty accessories. With 15.9% market share on selective distribution  and over 585 million in turnover, they have certainly managed to make their mark in an extremely competitive market(₂).
Beauty is as beauty does. And so should it be with the way beauty retailers market their products.  Nocibé wants to “support their clients in their search for beauty and wellness, helping them to reveal their natural beauty(₂).” They do this through providing an advanced e-commerce store and online platforms on which their customers can exchange, interact and share feedback.  Furthermore, they can create a real brand experience by launching interactive games with great prizes. After a look at their Facebook page, I was not only impressed with their 90,000+ fan count, but was rather surprised with their level of social engagement with their customers. Their customer engagement (likes, comments and shares) falls just short of the global market leader, Sephora, who visibly has an edge on them with a worldwide presence and a fanbase of almost 15 times the size!  Not only have they mastered their Facebook strategy with polls, surveys and discounts, they are becoming leaders in the art of running successful Twitter competitions (₃). In partnership with Diesel Perfume Loverdose, they launched a Twitter competition with only 3 tweets, ultimately resulting in a mass increase of twitter followers, customer engagement and a viral diffusion of the DIESEL/NOCIBE brand hashtag, boosting brand notoriety across the net. Lastly, we see their multi-channel strategy even extending to m-commerce through the creation of a dedicated iPhone application.
Nocibé and continues to grow their presence in France and will no doubt be teaching us new lessons in the future as they forge ahead as a leader in online retail innovation.

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Image: Nocibé Facebook Page

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