With 3,139 outlets across Russia and Belarus, and an average of 1.5 million customer visits per day, the Svyaznoy Group is one of the largest platforms for the distribution of mobile phones, portable electronics and financial services in Russia.

In 2011 the Svyaznoy Group held a 24% market share in mobile retail, and a 25% market share in smartphone retail segments in Russia. A true household name, the Group boasted a striking 90% brand awareness, and 20% top of mind awareness.

Over the last year, the Group has seen unfaltering growth in customer transactions and outlet expansion. Between January and May 2012, 155 million transactions were completed, amounting to a 32% increase in transactions (year-over-year).

245 new outlets have opened their doors since 2011, and development plans are in motion for 500 more new retail outlets by the end of 2012.

The Svyaznoy Group expects to increase their share in the GSM market by at least 5% during the year, and plan to come out on top as a smartphone retailer.

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Source: www.svyaznoy.ru

Image: Svyaznoy website

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