Headquartered in Borås, Sweden since 1997, fashion retailer Gina Tricot boasts 175 shops in 5 countries, extensive online sales and an anticipated turnover of SEK 2.5 billion in 2012. With success like this, what is it exactly that sets this brand apart from the rest?

Gina Tricot follows a unique, yet simple approach to offering consumers the latest fashion trends at affordable prices: short lead times, an exceptionally high turnover speed and the elimination of stock-keeping.

Gina Tricot stores offer a selection of standard garments which require production runs with longer lead times however, each weekday, new high-fashion designs are delivered based on the intuitive decisions of their designers and purchasers, who are continuously anticipating up-and-coming trends. These garments can be found in stores as little as two weeks after the designer has created them, and sometimes sell out within just days.

With new designs entering the store on a daily basis, displays are modified regularly, assuring that each time a customer returns, they find not only new products, but a new trend experience.

Finally, as the company does not engage in stock-keeping, garments go directly from the factory to the store, thus lowering consumer costs and giving Gina Tricot the power to change their range quickly.

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Image: Flickr: Fashion-Insider

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