Keynote address by Boris Johnson

The Mayor of London plays a key role in running London. He sets a citywide vision of improvement, develops strategies and policies to realise the vision and provides funding and encouragement to help make it a reality.

The Mayor is at the heart of changing London for the better. His work includes making it easier for people to move in and around the city, transforming open spaces into cleaner, calmer, greener places, tackling housing and health inequalities, giving young Londoners a better start in life, championing our city at home and abroad, and more.

The Mayor is in charge of setting the overall vision for the capital and draws up strategies and policies to deliver the vision. He invests in and works with many different people and organisations to improve London in line with his vision.

He is also the elected voice of the capital and champions London and Londoners at home and abroad.

The Mayor and the London Assembly are supported by the staff of the GLA, a permanent body working for London to provide continuity in the ongoing development and delivery of strategies for London.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Greater London Authority (UK)

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