MIPIM 2011, day 2

Today’s highlights…

Well, if yesterday was clearly Borisday, today was a more varied affair. My day started with Sao Paolo mayor Gilberto Kassab, of course – to be honest, the city had me at the opening film. A taxi fleet bigger than New York’s, loads of restaurants, music, nightlife, good infrastructure – all that and…sunshine, something we’re not seeing much of in Cannes this week.  The Egypt Investment lab was an interesting moment – much hope for the future of the country but only time will tell.

Greg Clark’s summary of the Mayor’s Think Tank was comprehensive, clear and compelling. He’ll be blogging on that subject sometime this week. Watch this space. Expect a write-up of the keynote panel on economics too…from Robert McLean, another of our guest bloggers.

Lastly, the Investor Quest…was, well, wicked! James Caan bounded onto the stage to the sounds of British music sensation Coldplay (appropriate) and played his role as MC with a cool, calm hand. The projects were a good selection from around the UK…and the business angels looked down and smiled upon Manchester Spinningfields.

Looking forward to tomorrow…

Well, tomorrow’s the one we’ve all been waiting for: renowned economist Nouriel Roubini. He has a gift for making headlines, so watch this space tomorrow to find out what nuggets of wisdom the man nicknamed Dr Doom has for us. I’ll also be doing a whistle-stop tour of the world tomorrow – stopping into the South Africa Investment lab, a session on investment in Italy, a panel on the US real estate market, and another Investment lab – this time, Turkey. Enough to make even Phileas Fogg’s head spin. And all day, my breath will truly be bated as we wait for the evening’s MIPIM Awards Ceremony (see MIPIM’s ladies in red, level 01 to cast your vote)…The Oscars last week gave us very few surprises – let’s hope the MIPIM Awards provide the oohs and aahs we’re looking for!

Soundbite of the day…

In the absence of a classic BoJo one-liner, I choose the wisdom of Greg Clark, who told me today, “Congestion is a sign of success for a city – but it’s unmanaged success!”

I also have to credit the two Brits I overheard in the VIP lounge: “Oh now, this is nice, how terribly civilized.” Sooo British!

Tweet of the day…

Today, the honour has to go to @b1kerunswim

“Cycled safely all the way from London to Cannes then nearly got taken out by a meeting room sign at JLL’s tent!” I hope you’re OK! 

And I have to mention twipim’s poodlewatch… twipim – who are you? Maybe we could arrange a meeting – you’d have to come carrying a copy of The Times and a red rose, of course.

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