MIPIM Day 1: the big picture

The real estate program at the Wisconsin School of Business is proud to participate in its sixth trip to MIPIM. The environment for networking and learning about international real estate that the show offers is unparalleled. Wisconsin believes strongly in cultivating a global perspective in our students. So much so the annual trip to Cannes is even part of our curriculum!

But as much of a treat as it might be to spend a week away from wintery Wisconsin weather in sunny Cannes, our students jumped right into the thick of it on their first day at the conference, attending Tuesday’s major panel sessions and assessing the mood of investors. The results of their survey of MIPIM attendees will be presented as part of Prof. François Ortalo-Magné‘s wrap-up keynote address on Friday.

Highlights from Tuesday’s discussions include continued strong investment interest in China and in Asia, and lots of investment activity leading up to major sporting events London 2012 and Euro 2012. But the big questions being repeated in various forms–how are investors balancing risk and return in the global recovery? How strong is the recovery really? And how is it affecting the flow of capital around the world?–are topics that Prof. Ortalo-Magné will put in perspective in Friday’s wrap-up presentation.

We are proud to partner with MIPIMWorld to cover MIPIM 2011. Visit our blog the Wisconsin Real Estate Viewpoint for detailed reports on all the sessions and follow us @UW_GraaskampCtr on Twitter.

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