MIPIM, day 3

Today’s highlights…

For me, this morning was all about Roubini. The main auditorium was packed and the crowd was riveted. I loved the smoke-machine special effects and the overall sense of drama that accompanied his presence. Of course, his thought-provoking and intelligent commentary on the state of the world economy, the role of the property market in the recovery, and the differences we can expect to see in emerging and advanced markets were the real stars of the show, but a little razzle-dazzle never hurt anyone.

The afternoon was a quieter affair – I checked out some stands; I actually think I overdid it a little on all the snacks and nibbles. I also looked in on “US property markets: where are the opportunities?” and “Participating in a meaningful response to the global housing shortage”. I made sure to attend the final press conference with Filippo Rean, MIPIM Director, who confirmed that there were 18,500+ participants this year, around 4,000 of which were investors. Numbers up on last year and a pleasingly international feel to the event. One person noticed an increase in the number of American accents, and the presence of countries the world over was much appreciated.

Finally, the MIPIM Awards. What a glam evening! Better than the Oscars, BAFTAs and Cannes Film Festival put together. There were tears, laughter… no long, sobbing speeches, though, thank goodness. Congratulations to all the winners. And for the runners-up, there’s always next year…

Looking forward to tomorrow…

The wrap-up keynote panel in association with the Wisconsin School of Business is always a high point of the week. As MIPIM draws to a close, we’ll be looking to Professor François Ortalo-Magné and Philippe Tannebaum to sum up the main trends and offer prognoses on the real estate markets. It’s a great way to get the lowdown on anything you’ve missed during MIPIM and, after a week of meetings, conferences and so much walking, I’m looking forward to sitting back and letting these knowledgeable speakers digest the data of the week and spoon-feed me!

Soundbite of the day…

Today, the honours have to go to keynote speaker Nouriel Roubini with his insightful, realistic predictions for the world economy:

“For emerging markets, the glass is half full; for advanced markets, the glass is half empty.”

Tweet of the day…

In response to my question re. thinking about next year’s MIPIM already, @lotsaquestions replied:

“2012? Yes. 1. Book a bigger room 2. Book direct flights 3. Avoid anything with prawns. 4. Spend less time tweeting. 5. Plan ahead!”

To my mind, this is good advice for life, not just for MIPIM…though I can’t sanction less tweeting. I say tweet one, tweet all!

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