Social media: How long can you afford to stay out? - Prof. François Ortalo Magné, Wisconsin School of Business

CREOpoint, the online network of commercial real estate professional studied the pre-MIPIM buzz on the web. Their CREObuzz award of most talked about firm in connection to MIPIM goes to CBRE. Upon accepting the award, Laurent Lehmann, Directeur General Adjoint for CBRE in Paris, explained they have allocated resources to developing a web presence building on the success of their blog.

Makes you wonder: does this strategy pay? How long before more firms build explicit strategies and hire talent to help them develop their social media presence? Tough to formulate the answers at this point but here is one argument I’ll buy: if you are spending marketing resources shaping the image of your firm, can you really ignore what’s said about you on the web? I’d think not.

Prof. François Ortalo-Magné will be leading the MIPIM 2011 Friday morning wrap-up, along with Philippe Tannebaum, Senior Advisor, IIEIF.

Top image credit : Photobank gallery

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