Updating to create value: renovating and greening property

Green continues to be in fashion, perhaps even to the extent of being this year’s must-wear colour. But what does this mean for property, and do the numbers stack up? Going green means either building green, buying green or converting to green. This session focuses on the latest innovations in this area, identifying the technical and design trends that will have a growing impact on investment returns in an ever more carbon-sensitive future.

Craig Smith, Chairman Asia Pacific Green Building Council (China)

Dr.Frank Billand, Member of the Board, Union Investment Real Estate GmbH (Germany)
Luis Irastorza, CEO, DUCH (Italy)
Dr. Andries van der Walt, AIEMA, UK Head of Sustainability, Cushman & Wakefield LLP (UK)

Top image credit : Photobank gallery

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  1. Consuelo Ruiz on

    Sólo decir a los realizadores de este vídeo que hay un error de ubicación en el mismo, ya que Luis Irastorza es CEO, DUCH (Spain) y no (Italy) como se refleja en el mismo y en los textos.

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