Top video picks from MIPIM 2011

Steve Warrener, Finance Director of the Greater Manchester Transport Authority, discusses innovative developments at the city’s major transit hub. Warrener and his team are pioneering urban development at Victoria Station, with the help of a £25‑million government investment. It is estimated that between 20,000 and 30,000 passengers each day will benefit from a new mezzanine, escalator connections to the Metrolink underground system, and a number of cafes, bars and retail outlets. Combined with upgrades to the Metrolink and local railway systems along with new connections to Manchester airport, this public transit revolution will have a huge impact on the number of people who visit, live and work in Manchester.

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Next up, Jeffrey Finn, President and CEO of NAI Global, interviews Mikael Holmström of NAI Global in Sweden to learn more about recovery in the Swedish real estate market. According to Holmström, the local economy has seen a remarkable comeback since late 2010, with growth in the office building sector leading the charge. Instead of core asset growth, investors are increasingly seeking special investment projects and opportunistic solutions—and with the pullout of many foreign investors, Sweden is seeing a return to local ownership and investment. Expectations are high for continued recovery and growth.

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Lastly, a news spot by the Estates Gazette, highlighting Sir Terry Farrell’s award-winning plan for development of the Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Buildings there are slated for demolition, to be replaced by 8,000 new homes, shops and offices. Farrell’s strategic plan to revitalise the area is earning him accolades across the board. He espouses the concept of place‑making—the idea of what holds communities together in the spaces between buildings—with a “four villages and a high street” plan that keeps the London spirit alive.

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