MAPIC Speed Matching: the contact booster

How did you meet your partner?

The exclusive MAPIC Speed Matching event enables a handpicked number of retailers and developers to present their ideas to an international audience. The selected companies, which are chosen for their innovative and dynamic projects, consist of 10 retailers launching new brands or developing existing brands internationally and 5 shopping centres looking for retailers or investors.

Applying the concept of speed dating to the business world, Speed Matching offers a dynamic series of short presentations, followed by a networking break designed for presenters and audience members to meet and discuss ideas.

Oh, what a circus!

According to Johanne Thibodeau, Assistant to the Director – Touring sites for Canadian entertainment phenomenon, Cirque du Soleil, the Speed Matching event is a highly efficient way to get companies interested in projects. “In just a few minutes, you can grab the attention of a large audience of industry decision-makers from all over the world and generate multiple potential opportunities,” she said. “The return on investment is terrific and the experience is dynamic and fun. It allows you to talk directly and personally to your audience, which offers great value when building relationships.”

Speed Matching gave Cirque du Soleil the ideal platform to discuss their interest in presenting Big Top circus shows outside shopping centres, acting as an entertainment anchor to generate visibility for the location. “Following the event, many commercial developers showed interest in entering partnerships with Cirque du Soleil. This allowed us to start building long-term relationships with major players in the retail industry,” said Thibodeau.

Maximum exposure, minimum fuss

For Giancarlo Vincenzo, Export Manager at Camicissima, an Italian clothing company specialising in men’s shirts and ties, Speed Matching was an excellent setting to present the brand to future partners looking for a new and innovative business opportunity. “Speed Matching was a fantastic way to present my brand and project quickly to a lot of people that I knew were all definitely in my target group. Meetings were brief and very effective,” he enthused.

“Four or five people were waiting for me after the Speed Matching to ask questions about the company – they represented both shopping centres and retail groups. That was an initial success. Then, after MAPIC, I had a lot of contact with some Spanish shopping centre owners who were very interested in our product. Our brand won a lot of contracts following our presentation, and we even found some retail companies interested in being our master franchisee to develop our brand in their own country,” he said.

Presentations with zing!

Andrew Darrow, Executive Vice President, Global Business for KidZania, a Mexican chain of family entertainment centres, concurred and particularly appreciated the interactivity of Speed Matching. “Speed Matching was a great way of quickly and effectively demonstrating KidZania to key players in the retail development industry. Given the uniqueness of the KidZania concept, the interactive nature of the Speed Matching programme was a great way to deliver our message powerfully. It also enabled us to connect with a large, highly qualified, targeted audience all in a single forum.”

If you’d like to take part in Speed Matching at MAPIC 2011, apply here!

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