Property Influencers: Adrian Griffiths

Next up in our series of Property Influencers is Adrian Griffiths, architect and director of prestigious UK firm Chapman Taylor.

Griffiths has years of experience and unique insights in his dual role as commercial architect and urban planner. His company survived the British recession of the 1980s, and continues to thrive despite the global recession of 2008—and several other unpredictable events.

“Risk is always a very big part of our business, especially when you’re going into emerging markets and new markets,” he says.

For example—until very recently, Chapman Taylor was working on new projects in Libya. When the government fell, the firm found itself ground to a halt in the region. “That is a market we would consider to avoid but analysing risk is difficult because you couldn’t predict that,” he said.

Nonetheless, Chapman Taylor is making huge strides with its innovative formula of combining simple, natural concepts with cutting-edge designs. “I’m an architect and an urban designer, and lending those two skills is fundamental. We see those two skills as being fundamental aspects of everyone’s lives. We believe in designing for culture and context. Each city in each location has its own factors,” Griffiths says.

Chapman Taylor has attended every single MIPIM, works with top clients worldwide, and boasts 13 offices outside the UK. The firm has seen explosive growth in the past 15 years, and Chapman shared some of his secrets for success with MIPIM’s audience.

Chapman Taylor will be exhibiting on stand 15.01 at MAPIC 2011. The stand will show images, photography and graphics of all their latest international retail projects.  

When asked why MAPIC is such an important date in his diary, Adrian says, “MAPIC is a great opportunity to seek new opportunities and gauge the current trend of the marketplace as well as explore and understand newly emerging markets.  And as a company with a dedicated focus on business development we also view it as a great opportunity to maintain our business relationships with existing clients as well as network and forge new connections. Finally it is a great place to stay on top of brand awareness and keep our own brand in people’s minds.  This year we will be launching a new website around the same time as MAPIC and hope that this will show our dedication to ensuring that our brand and communication tools, particularly digital, are the best they can be.”

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1. Tell us about Chapman Taylor.

2. How has the environment changed for your company, particularly post 2008?

3. How do you approach managing risk?

4. If you could imagine cities of the future, how would you like to see them evolving?

5. If you had to rethink the property industry, where would you start?

6. What is the value of attending MIPIM, MAPIC or MIPIM Asia?

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