MIPIM Asia 2011 - Daily bulletin #3 - see you next year!

So, on to the last day of an informative, positive, ‘cautiously optimistic’ Mipim Asia following the glitzy affair of last night’s awards. If you missed the result, no need to look away now – the main winner was the Marina Bay Financial Center from Justin Chiu’s Cheung Kong Holdings.

And our Justin was up on stage again just over 12 hours later, this time to talk in a ‘meet the chairmen’ session about Hong Kong (where it is a bit political, and where too much discussion gets in the way), Nanjing as a city on the up, and Taiwan as a country to watch. Chiu’s appearance was so eagerly anticipated by one TV news crew that they arrived almost two hours earlier when an entirely different conference was getting underway. The crew was asked to leave, but a whole media scrum then gathered outside to greet Chiu on his departure from the Pearl conference room. We don’t know what the collective noun for microphones is (a forest?), but there were a lot of them thrust in the face of the respected developer.

The wrap-up for the whole conference was adroitly handled by Prof Francois Ortalo-Magné, even including a slide showing comparative GDPs of Chinese provinces against countries, which he compiled from Google the night before. Perhaps he did it between courses and presentations at the awards dinner.  A special round of applause, too, for the way he dealt with a survey of delegates on market conditions and prospects. The people who voted that things would get worse (5%) should just have a beer, he said. Fine by me.

There now follows a service announcement. If, by any chance you have somehow NOT been glued to our excellent coverage of this event online – the tweets, the blogs, the video streaming – then firstly, shame on you. Secondly, however, it is easy to catch up with any of the conferences you might have missed, in edited short form. Simply click to your hearts content below:


Thanks to all our readers, viewers, followers, retweeters and mentioners, as well as all the delegates, speakers, chocolate providers and new mountain resort dancers. It has been a blast. We look forward to seeing you all next year. Signing off…

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