MAPIC 2011 - New generation of shopping malls: what's next?

Today’s shopping malls are subjected to a kind of “Darwinian competition,” leading to either the vanishing or the evolution of this retail trend. As shopping centres are built according to the aesthetics of their locations and times, they are now facing the challenge of reinventing themselves. “De-malling” represents a new way of transforming the retail landscape through the integration of shopping centres into city neighborhoods rather than as “white elephants” cut off from nearby urban and residential areas.
Through the accounts of actual case studies and concrete experiences, this round table aims at addressing some strategic questions. Will shopping centres become “outmoded” or will they be able to respond to changing social and cultural trends? Can such diverse areas as retail, culture and leisure be cohesively and legitimately integrated within malls? Is this mixed-use approach effective for reinventing the shopping centre model of the future?


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