MAPIC 2011 - Outlet retailing… Expanding horizons

Once given the cold shoulder by developers, the outlet sector is now flourishing. These same developers are now looking to embrace the success that their peers have achieved throughout Europe and the US.

In this session, MAPIC speakers examined the secrets of succesful outlet developments. As more developers seek opportunities throughout Latin America, Russia, and Asia (particularly China), our speakers discussed the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, the essential needs in a fast-evolving market, and the  principles for successful outlet development while drawing on local industry expertise.

Our speakers also looked at how to assemble the right tenant mix, whilst finding the retail brands ready for outlet strategy in new markets.


Jayne Rafter, Publisher and Joint MD, RLI

Brendon O’Reilly, Managing Director, Fashion House (UK)
Franck Verschelle, CEO, Advantail (France)

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