MIPIM Asia 2011 top questions

Last month we announced an exclusive opportunity for the public to submit questions to our panel of MIPIM Asia 2011 experts. We received many fantastic entries in all five categories, which were:

•    Finance and investment

•    Retail

•    Asia-Pacific markets

•    China

•    Cities

Our experts are excited to discuss them at the upcoming MIPIM Asia conference at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, November 15 to 17.

Here are the finest queries:

Finance and investment:

According to Swiss banks, Asian wealth is set to triple by 2015 to US$15.8 trillion. How will this wealth be distributed within Asia major countries?


With such ready expansion of retail malls and shops will there be issues in maintenance of buildings and resources for asset management in a few years’ time?

What unique characteristics of Chinese consumer behaviour must retailers take into consideration when entering the Chinese market?

Asia-Pacific markets:

The New South China Mall is largely vacant with almost 99% vacancy since its opening. Are there more of these situations to come in China?

What will be the impact of the Thai election results on the property market in Thailand?


Reports show property sales falling in China. Is this one of the telltale effects of ‘bubble burst’?


What are some of the most innovative public works projects happening in Asian cities today?

London is viewed by most as one of the world’s most hospitable cities. What would be the equivalent in Asia now and in the future? 

Have the questions piqued your interest? Come to MIPIM Asia 2011 for the answers to all your burning real estate questions!

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