My Tuesday at MAPIC

Viva Italia, I say, having had a rather fabulous evening at the Italian-themed MAPIC Opening Cocktail party. As one fellow tweeter pointed out, my feed from last night was shamelessly food-orientated: pictures of some extraordinary pizza dough-tossing and raptures over the two types of tiramisu available. As your roving reporter on the ground, I felt duty-bound to test both and still haven’t decided on my favourite.

That said, I wasn’t the only one tucking in. MAPIC’s first event brought in quite a crowd and filled the Marriott hotel to capacity. And with strobe lights, stunning hostesses, vespas, a four-piece band dressed in red white and green, and a DJ in what looked like a giant aquarium, the evening certainly did not lack Italian flair. Only one resolutely French touch reminded us where we really were – champagne for all.

We had photographers on the ground – check out their shots, both posed and candid in MAPIC News!

So, that done, the serious work of MAPIC begins. This morning, arriving at the Palais bright and early, I saw a different picture from the one I left yesterday evening. It was clean as a whistle and sparkling, ready for the 8,000+ expected participants that started pouring in at 9 a.m. Let the games commence!

Meanwhile, over in Hong Kong…

The fun began on 15 November – check out the latest events on the MIPIM Asia live blog!

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