Property Influencer: Ben van Berkel

Professor Ben van Berkel is the co-founder and principal architect at leading Amsterdam firm UNStudio

UNStudio offers high-end architecture to leading projects around the world, from China’s Dalian Football Stadium to England’s Battersea Weave Office Building. Projects range in scale from 500,000 m2 to something as small as a chair—and van Berkel oversees almost all of it.

In this latest Property Influencer video, he offers cutting-edge ideas about the future of design and urban living. According to Prof. van Berkel, attainability is more important than sustainability—meaning projects must be both affordable and sustainable. Prof. van Berkel discusses how to effectively work with all stakeholders in a project to create an optimal end result.


Short on time? Skip straight to the questions that interest you!

1. Describe some of the projects you’ve been involved in the last few years.

2. Do you have any guiding design principles behind your work that are present in everything you do?

3. What areas are you exploring in terms of new ways of designing buildings?

4. Is there a process you go through to understand all the elements you need to take into account, all the viewpoints to get to the optimum solution?

5. What is your vision of cities of the future?

6. Are there any projects you’re particularly proud of? What elements made them work? 

7. What is the value of attending MIPIM, MIPIM Asia or MAPIC?

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