Property Influencer: Wolfgang Schuster

Dr Wolfgang Schuster has been the mayor of Stuttgart, a city home to top companies including Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz, for nearly 15 years.  

His tenure has been characterised by boosting economic development and construction, as well as promoting tolerance and intercultural dialogue.

Dr. Schuster masterminded the high-profile Stuttgart 21 rail project, and was long-listed for the World Mayor Award in 2008. This is a man who knows his city politics—and how to grow urban areas responsibly and successfully.

In this exclusive video interview, Dr. Schuster discusses innovation, architecture and civic planning. He describes his quest for a symbiotic relationship with investors, which lends itself to a “win-win” situation for each new city project.

Attracting investors can be tricky in today’s economy. To do so, Dr Schuster stresses the importance of cities maintaining a good public image and international reputation. He sees the growing trend of urbanisation in Germany as a positive development—with greater population density, city planners are able to build mass transit and sewage systems easily and economically. In the future, Dr Schuster sees more electric mobility in urban areas, due to these vehicles’ low noise and fuel emissions.


Short on time? Skip straight to the question that interests you!

1. If you had to rethink the types of properties that are developed for cities, what would be your vision?

2. What can a city do to maximise this win-win situation with investors? 

3. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London recently said, “The future is in the cities – people want to move to the cities.” Is it something that you find true for Germany?

4. How important is the MIPIM trade show for a city like Stuttgart?

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