Property Influencers: Holger Schmieding

Holger Schmieding is Chief Economist and Managing Director at Berenberg Bank in London.

Founded in 1590, Berenberg Bank is Germany’s oldest private bank, managing €25 billion and active in all private banking business segments. It was elected Germany’s Best Private Bank in 2010 by Euromoney.

The latest contributor to our Property Influencer series, Dr. Schmieding shares his perspective on international property managers. He advises companies to look before they leap into China, and prescribes diversification as a recipe for success in the property market.

Real estate markets are volatile by nature, Dr. Schmieding says, so investors must be selective in choosing property markets and try not to get caught in a bubble. He predicts emerging markets with mild inflation problems will see cooling in the future. Meanwhile, he lists Germany, Sweden and Switzerland as recovering economies that could attract big investment, describing them as primed for new capital.

In this exclusive video interview, Dr. Schmieding discusses how to avoid the bubbles and invest wisely in a recovering or potential new market.


Short on time? Skip straight to the questions that interest you!

1. How do you see the economy shaping up, and what does that mean for the property industry?

2. From an economic perspective, are there things that should be done to avoid getting caught in a real estate bubble?

3. How do you see the property market in China?

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