Property Influencers: Johan Ericsson

The latest in our Property Influencer series is Johan Ericsson, CEO of Catella AB, a Scandinavian property management firm.

In charge of 420 employees across 13 European countries, Ericsson is no stranger to property advisory, transaction advisory, and asset management.

According to him, the financial crisis of 2008 wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Looking back on it in 2011, he sees new opportunities and interest in real estate. However, he specifies that these new opportunities must be tempered with ethical investment practices and careful financial management.

As Ericsson explains in this exclusive video interview, it’s possible to find the silver lining in any dark cloud—and he thinks the future is bright for property in Europe.

Short on time? Skip straight to the question that interests you!

1. What does Catella do?

2. The 2008 crisis had a huge impact on the property market. Were there lessons that came out of that?

3. How do you approach risk management? How do you find the balance between good returns and stable investments?

4. What’s your approach in trying to instill a sense of common values across the company?

5. Where do you see the big trends in terms of property and real estate? What are the things we should keep an eye on?

6. What’s the value of attending MIPIM, MIPIM Asia or MAPIC?

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