Property Influencers: Jörn Walter

Dr. Jörn Walter is the chief urban planner for Hamburg and our latest Property Influencer.

After studying regional planning for six years, he worked as Director of Urban Development for the town of Maintal, Germany, and later helmed the Urban Planning Authority in Dresden.

Today he is a professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Hamburg and a member of the German Academy for Urban Development and State Planning, the Art Academy Berlin-Brandenburg and the Art Academy Saxony, as well occupying his position with the City of Hamburg.

Jörn Walter spoke with us about sustainability, social balance and how to keep potential investors interested.

In this exclusive video interview, he describes how urban renewal is changing the face of Hamburg—and how the city’s recipe for success can be duplicated elsewhere.

According to Walter, city centres must diversify and offer more residential space if urban areas are to thrive. He calls on city planners to capture the “urban spirit” in order to achieve growth targets and create vibrant living spaces.


Short on time? Skip to the specific questions that interest you!

1. Tell us a bit about what Hamburg is doing on the urban design front?

2. What are the trends you see emerging in urban planning?

3. What do you think are the big things that need to be rethought in terms of new approaches?

4. How valuable is this type of planning in bringing people together?

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