Property Influencers: Mike Whitby

Our latest Property Influencer has found huge success revitalising a major UK city.

Mike Whitby has been leader of Birmingham City Council since June 2004. During his time in the position, Whitby has overseen massive changes within Birmingham, including an increase of 500,000 visitors each year for the past four years.

Whitby is perhaps most famous for coining the phrase “Global City, Local Heart,” which appears on council documents and marketing material. This simple phrase captures both the diverse individuals that make up Birmingham and its international appeal.

We spoke with Whitby to discover his secrets for leading a city to renewal and success. For him, planners cannot focus solely on making their city a magnet for capitalism and prosperity. He says that the human element, including sport, arts and culture, is critical—especially in Europe’s youngest city, with a massive under-25 population.


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1. Where does Birmingham see itself in embracing the new movement and trends?

2. What’s your sense of how the modern European city is evolving in terms of mixed use?

3. What’s your vision for Birmingham over the next 20 years?

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