MIPIM Asia 2011 - Voice of the participants - NDA CEO Emmanuel Delarue

The market for waterfront development in China is booming, with New Design Associates taking full advantage.

So said New Design Associates CEO Emmanuel Delarue, speaking to MIPIM Asia Live following the launch of a new service called New Design Capital, which aims to push larger projects through a designer-orientated investment fund.

‘When people are talking about crises and many projects frozen, for us in China there are enquiries every morning’, he said.

NDA has been working in Asia for 10 years, first of all as an architecture company with an exhibition and conference centre project in Dalian, China which is designed unusually with a air conditioning and heating system that uses seawater. ‘You extract calories from the seawater, concentrate them, and then bring them as a heating system’, said Delarue. ‘This is a very simple and ecological technology. It has been so successful in this building that the city has given a policy to expand the usage of seawater exchange for 25 per cent of energy consumed in Dalian.’

NDA used MIPIM Asia this year to launch a new venture – new Design Capital – which is a strategic development partner for institutions and real estate developers. It seeks to capitalise on a principle exemplified in one of its projects Dalian Maritime City, where it converted a small landscape and marina project into an one million square meter mixed use and highly sustainable new urban island, now supported by one of China’s leading real estate development companies.

But it is the booming area of waterfront development which NDA is taking forward through its NDA Maritime wing. ‘We are one of the leaders in this industry in Asia, working on some of the biggest projects in Asia, with 60-70 per cent of the market share.’ This involves design as well as masterplanning, and Delarue says it is a burgeoning market especially for corporate entertainment. In Xiamen, NDA is designing the largest waterfront development in Asia, now under construction. Deep Blue Marina has 189,000 sq m of construction surface and represents total investment of 8 billion RMB. ‘It’s capturing the need for entertainment and leisure for Chinese customers’, said Delarue. ‘Golf has been the first step for leisure and entertainment for China and then marinas and boating activities are the second one.’

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