MIPIM Asia 2011 Roundup

MIPIM Asia 2011’s attendees had a fantastic time learning and networking in the world’s most exciting real estate market. Hosted in Hong Kong, this year’s MIPIM Asia featured a range of conferences covering today’s hottest topics.

Attendees of the conference “The macroeconomic outlook for Asian real estate” heard about the broadly optimistic economic outlook for Asia from Francois Ortalo-Magné of the Wisconsin School of Business. The Nanjing and Taiwan “Meet the Chairmen” conference featured Justin Chiu, executive director of Cheung Kong. Chiu said in the session that Nanjing’s high speed rail links, history and sophisticated society made it a strong contender as one to watch over the coming years.

In “Globalisation of retail brands in and out of China”, participants discussed the changing face of Chinese retail, with the number of shopping centres per capita set to double in several Chinese cities. Chaired by Cushman & Wakefield Executive Director for Retail in China, James Hawkey, the conference detailed how consumers in China are becoming increasingly emotionally attached to particular brands and stores.

The “Smart, sustainable cities” session looked at new technologies that will shape future urban growth—such as LEDs, which could help to significantly cut city electricity bills, as well as improve issues of security and identity.

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Our own David Taylor was on site to interview participants in a series of exclusive interviews. He spoke with industry leaders including NDA CEO Emmanuel Delarue and Takaki Makino, General Manager of Tokyu Livable. He also posted informative bulletins with a behind-the-scenes look at MIPIM Asia on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Watch this space for the full MIPIM Asia 2011 review and more information on MIPIM Asia 2012—you’ll want to be there! Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook!

Check out the MIPIM Asia wrap-up presentation and conference video.

MIPIM Asia 2011 Wrap-up

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