Property Influencers: Harold Garrison

Harold Garrison is chairman and CEO of leading American property fund management and development company HDG Mansur, and the latest in our Property Influencer series.

Garrison is a self-proclaimed workaholic, spending his time travelling between company offices in New York, London and Dubai. The results have paid off: Since 1982, HDG Mansur’s business activity has included $5.2 billion in international real estate investments, $5.1 billion in real estate financing, and $1.4 billion in planned and managed equity.

The company boasts 31 million sq ft of retail investments, over 25 years of experience, and is set to expand despite these troubled economic times. 

As of June, HDG Mansur had $2.2 billion of assets under management.

In this exclusive video interview, we spoke with Garrison about how to manage risk and pay-offs in volatile markets.

According to Garrison, it is sometimes best to drop a deal that will be too expensive in an overheated market. Watching the capital walk away can be painful, but forward thinking and a big-picture outlook are necessary for survival.

Garrison said cities should take the same approach when attracting potential investors. Long-term investments and mixed-use spaces are critical to keeping big business in town.


Short on time? Skip straight to the questions that interest you here!

1. What does HDG Mansur do?

2. If you had to re-think the property industry, what would you start with?

3. How do you manage risk while still providing shareholder value?

4. If you were to re-imagine cities and how they’re developing, what’s your vision?

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