Property Influencers: Robert Greenwood

Property Influencer Robert Greenwood is an established architect and head of Norweigian firm Snohetta.

Snohetta is an international architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design office based in Oslo, Norway and New York City.

Founded in 1989, Snohetta has undergone many changes over the previous two decades, and is known for embracing diverse backgrounds and cultures. It is also renowned for its social and environmental consciousness and interactive architecture.

As a driving force behind Snohetta’s success, Greenwood embraces modern architecture. In this exclusive video interview, he explains how the industry is changing as urban centres strive to renew themselves and target new investment.

According to Greenwood, every project requires a unique approach, and architecture does not come out of a vacuum; collaboration with clients, contractors, politicians and city residents is crucial.


Short on time? Skip straight to the questions that really interest you!

1. If we had to rethink the industry and how properties are developed, where would you start?

2. What’s the process you go through when you approach a new project? How do you foster innovative thinking? 

3. If you were to re-imagine the way cities are developed, what are the key things you would like to see emerge?

4. People are moving to urban area in the cities and cultures are increasingly diverse, how does that impact the way we approach building residential, public and office spaces? 

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