Property Influencers: Stéphane Slama-Royer

Property Influencer Stéphane Slama-Royer says the old property development model is dead, and it’s time to move on.

As Managing Director of Bouygues Development, the UK development arm of French industrial group, Bouygues, Slama-Royer oversees a number of mixed-use residential, commercial and retail property developments.

Bouygues is a diversified industrial group with a strong corporate culture, focused mainly on construction and property services. It boasts over half a century of proven success in building projects.

As of 2010, Bouygues had 133,456 employees, annual sales of €31.2 billion, and operations in more than 80 countries. In the UK, Bouygues Development is active mainly in Southern England.

According to Slama-Royer, the financial crisis of 2008 taught property developers a number of important lessons, the most important being that sound financing structures and specialised, small-scale projects are critical for success.

He sees a shift in developed countries, where landlords with multi-unit residential buildings are becoming the new norm. He also sees sustainability as more than just going green—communities must be involved in their own long-term success, which requires property companies to engage with all stakeholders in new projects.


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1. Tell us a bit about the types of projects you’re involved in.

2. If we had to rethink the property industry, what areas would you focus on?

3. What lessons did you learn from the 2008 crisis?

4. How would you like to see cities evolve?

5. Which projects you were involved in developed in a positive way, and what made them successful?

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