A multi-usage project near the new Montreal Health District

The Health District project, or Quartier de la santé in Montreal, which was presented at MIPIM 2011, is currently under construction. With this major project, Montreal will become one of the biggest health clusters in Canada.

A number of things will evolve in the Health District in the coming years, and one multi-use project in particular will have many attractive features for this new district.

The project is a series of buildings destined for companies more or less related to life sciences, located near the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), the new hospital for the University of Montreal. We are talking about a surface of 46,451.52 m² with eight to 10 levels and privileged access for the CHUM populations. The complex will have multiple uses, notably a commercial usage on the ground floor, and offices and services on the other levels.

It will be big. The Health District, Technoparc Montreal, Dessau Engineering and Lemay Architects have already spent a lot of time on this project. It is made up of several phases, and could begin as early as spring 2012. In fact, phase one, which represents an area of 9290.304 m², is scheduled to start in spring 2012, while developers confirm details in regards to space and tenancy. If all goes well, construction should begin quickly.

This project presents many advantages: a dynamic district as a result of the CHUM construction, a downtown situation, an environment conducive to research, innovation and the establishment of specialised businesses, and a university and industrial convergence hub.

The Montreal Health District is a new business destination, and this project will be a great asset for the city.

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