Property Influencer: Kate Ancketill

Our latest Property Influencer is the forward-thinking Kate Ancketill, CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence, a leading European innovation consultancy.

Ancketill boasts over 14 years in the design industry, and has worked with the world’s most successful consumer-facing brands, including Sony, Macys, P&G and Land Securities.

She met us on the MORE Pavilion at MAPIC 2011, where she shared her knowledge as a keynote speaker and in this exclusive MORE Vision interview.

Ancketill also gave an exclusive video interview about the future of the retail world. According to her, the fusion of digital and physical retail sales is inevitable—the smartest retailers realise that now, and are already working on new strategies to bump up their sales.

She predicts that mobile devices will become instrumental in guiding consumers to products, and urges forward-thinking retailers to bring IT departments and e-commerce consultants into discussions about innovation—not just marketing and branding specialists.


Short on time? Skip straight to the questions that interest you here!

What are your objectives at GDR Creative Intelligence?

You mentioned some bricks and mortar retailers want to focus on the physical side of the business. What models have you found where physical and digital retail converged successfully?

If we’re looking at the next 12-24 months what are some of the trends that have been popping up and will go mainstream?

Do you find that retailers need to retool their organisations or bring in new skill sets to deal with these new strategies?

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