Foodie heaven in south-east Canada

Canadian fast food franchiser MTY Food Group Inc. announced on February 1, 2012 the opening of its very first food court in Toronto.  This new mall concept will include seven different MTY franchises under one roof in one of Toronto’s busiest areas. Visitors to the food court will be able to enjoy a wide range of food, including Mediterranean food, Thai food, Chinese food, sushi and sandwiches from seven restaurant brands operating under the MTY banner.

About MTY Food Group Inc.

With its 27 food brands, MTY represents Canada’s most important franchiser in the food industry.  A developer of quick service concepts, MTY has been launching and acquiring franchises for 25 years.  MTY brands offer various types of foods and beverages, and operate restaurants like Tiki-ming, Cultures, Taco Time and Thai Express, as well as coffee shops (Country Style, Croissant Plus), and juice and ice cream shops. MTY Group recently acquired Mr. Submarine as well as Koryo Korean Barbeque, adding yet more diversity to its brands.


Looking to expand its fast-paced eating concept at an international level, MTY attended MAPIC in 2010. The fast-growing company currently offers business opportunities to international investors interested in MTY franchises.  With a 22% increase in its quarterly dividend, the company is doing well!

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