Le Triangle

As with many western cities, Montreal’s industrial and commercial past is an inescapable part of its character. Many sites are clear reminders of this past. But the city plans to make the most of these sites and their great development potential by creating new transit-oriented neighbourhoods boasting excellent quality of life. Le Triangle is one such neighbourhood. Thanks to extensive revitalisation work valued at $1,2 billion, it will soon become a huge green urban space.

The city is looking to create a lush, green living environment in the Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough. It plans to increase the amount of greenery and better define the use of public and semi-public space for new residents and businesses.

To achieve this ambitious objective, Montreal launched a cross-Canada urban design competition, with the goal of revitalising and developing the public domain in this area. The competitors came up with new ideas and explored various approaches for revamping the public thoroughfares. The focus of the winning project, by Catalyse Urbaine architecture et paysages, is to create a park in the heart of the neighbourhood as a way of promoting outdoor activities, fostering social exchanges and creating a strong identity for the neighbourhood.

But much more than a green space, Le Triangle is also a living environment where some 4,200 units will eventually be built in an area of about 40 hectares. To date, nine residential projects are under construction or on the drawing board. There will also be a large proportion of community housing. Measures paid for by the developers have already been taken to encourage the construction of community housing, in fact.

This rather neglected commercial district will be transformed into a popular neighbourhood with high residential density, well served by public transit and local businesses. It’s sure to be a superb place to live!

Le Triangle: Nine residential projects

  • Côté Ouest (phase 1), 142 units
  • Côté Ouest (phase 2), 150 units
  • Vue (phase 1), 102 units
  • Vue (phase 2), 102 units
  • Vue (phase 3), 100 units
  • Rouge, 385 units
  • Rêve, 175 units
  • Mā Condos, 146 units
  • Luz Condos, 114 units

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