Property Influencer: François Ortalo-Magné

Our latest Property Influencer says investors should target secondary cities in emerging markets and focus on sustainability in order to recover after the economic crisis.

Professor François Ortalo-Magné is the Albert O. Nicholas Dean of the Wisconsin School of Business, and has contributed to the understanding of the housing market through his theoretical work. He is called upon regularly by policy-makers for contributions to housing and agricultural policy debates.

Dr. Ortalo-Magné shares his real estate insights in this exclusive video interview. He warns that the West’s aging population is another factor that must be considered in today’s sustainable, modern urban development.

He also advises investors to look to emerging markets and think outside the box—targeting smaller markets like Australia, New Zealand and China’s secondary cities could pay huge dividends.


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What are your primary objectives in attending MIPIM Asia?

Globally, how do you see those questions having an impact on the market over the coming year?

What other trends have you noticed across sectors?

A lot is said about the aging population what impact will that have on China?

Do you see sustainable development as a key issue?

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François Ortalo-Magné will be leading the MIPIM 2012 wrap-up. Friday March 9, 10.30.

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