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Where and what are the main opportunities for architecture in France at the moment?

France is a mature country in terms of buildings, and there are many developments that have been established for a number of years and for many different types of activities. With this in mind the main opportunities at present are in refurbishments and rehabilitations though around Paris and many other main cities there is still a lack of residential developments. Residential is a growing sector in France and many architecture practices that operate in this field saw growth last year. Public budget projects and transportation are sectors that are experiencing movement and growth in the region also.

What are the current trends in architecture in France?

Sustainability is becoming ever more popular in France, with ‘green’ architecture, or at least, environmentally conscious architecture being something that is increasingly important to developers, designers and also the public realm. A great number of new projects are now labelled HQE (Haute qualité environnementale), which is the French equivalent of BREEAM and green roofs and photovoltaic panels are now a common design choice for many.

Have these trends changed over the last year?

If trends have changed it’s been largely in response to the fact that many budgets have been reduced, particularly in the retail industry.

How does MIPIM help Chapman Taylor in France?

MIPIM provides an opportunity to meet new clients. Our main expertise is in retail and frequently we are considered to be a retail-only architect, however this is not the case as the Paris office has great experience in hospitality and office projects as well. Currently we are developing some very interesting hospitality projects in both France and Morocco and MIPIM is a great platform to demonstrate this skill and expertise.

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