Germany 2012 passes the baton to Turkey 2013

I just returned from a dinner in Antibes given by Warimpex and UBM. Both Austrian-based companies are present with a stand at MIPIM, and their CEOs Franz Jurkowitsch (Warimpex) and Karl Bier (UBM) are still happy with their investments in Germany – an Angelo hotel in Munich as well as another one in Berlin. But looking to the “Country of Honour”, you don’t have to choose the capital or one of the big cities; the variety of German cities is so big that there is really a good choice.

One city that has been present at MIPIM from the very start is Duisburg. Ralf Meurer, Head of the city’s Economic Development Agency, told us that the representatives of his city are veterans among the German towns exhibiting in Cannes and feel very happy with this year’s MIPIM.

“Having been in Cannes for so many years, I can say that this year the atmosphere and the mood is much better than the last years. The seriousness of talks reminds me of the time before the crisis started”, Meurer said.

This talk actually was at the Multi Development reception. There are good reasons for that. The Dutch developer headquartered in Gouda chose Duisburg for its German office. But Multi does not only have one office in Germany, in fact; they also developed some shopping centres as well. And they decided on secondary cities like Hagen, Solingen, and Osnabrück to make a start.

“Germany is and will remain in our focus”, Herman Kok, Associate Director for International Market Concepts at Multi said at MIPIM. “This month we are going to open two new galleries in Hildesheim and Berlin.” It’s true that the latter is our capital, but it is nice to see that Multi is focusing on B-locations. Actually, they did that before – in Turkey. The last shopping centre Multi Development opened was in Kayseri in Central Anatolia. And Turkey will be MIPIM’s “Country of Honour” next year.

Now the question is: who copied whom? Multi or MIPIM? True professionals know how to make their choices – and both Multi and MIPIM are just that.

Top image credit : Photobank gallery

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