Interview with MIPIM 2012 People's Choice Award Winner: D-Cube City

An impressive number of votes were cast and over 800 comments were posted by facebook fans for this stunning project designed by Samoo Architects & Engineers and The Jerde Partnership.  We were lucky to get a few brief moments with Rah Woo-Chun of Samoo Architects to discuss this phenomenal online success and the inspiration for their design.

MIPIMWorld: First of all, let me congratulate Samoo Architects & Engineers/The Jerde Partnership and developer Daesung Industrial Co. on winning the People’s Choice Award. Can you talk about the inspiration behind D-Cube City?

Samoo Architects: First of all, we think that it’s a great honour to be awarded the People’s Choice Award.

The focus for this project was on the integration of nature and culture with gestures to re-interpret traditional Korean forms. D-Cube city integrates horizontal spaces up to 150m as well as vertical spaces up to 8 stories high with elements of gardens and waterfalls which create a space that feels like taking a stroll in nature. And to create an image, the traditional Korean lantern was used as a motif in designing the facades of the building which would create a 3 dimensional façade that harmonizes with the surroundings.

MIPIMWorld: What trends do you see emerging in architecture? Where do you plan to focus your energies in the future?

Samoo Architects: One of the recent trends in architecture is sustainability. Sustainability is an integrated part of every project for us, starting from the beginning with the site analysis. And throughout the process, we strive to integrate the many elements of nature, environment and human to create a harmonious ecosystem. This was also true for D-Cube City which integrated many new technologies to minimize energy consumption and maximize efficiencies.

MIPIMWorld: D-Cube city won much praise by fans on Facebook. Were you aware that you had such a large fan base online? Have you used social media in the past?

Samoo Architects: I’m quite surprised myself by the overwhelming support we received on Facebook and we thank those who continue to have interest in our projects.

Honestly, we never knew that we had such a large fan base online. And up to now, we’ve never used social media. However, it’s true that we are involved in many projects. And through these opportunities, we consistently pursue to create and build relationships with many users. In being awarded the People’s Choice Award, we realized that we have a certain fan base online that we’ll now need to develop a lasting relationship with.

MIPIMWorld: Would you mind sharing with us your impressions of MIPIM this year?

Samoo Architects: The MIPIM 2012 is a place where we could meet a lot of experts and be updated with the recent trends. As I’ve felt from last year’s visit as well, the passion among the participants is impressive. And as always, I look forward to MIPIM 2013 next year.

Design Architect: Samoo Architects & Engineers, The Jerde Partnership / Developer: Daesung Industrial co., LTD

D-Cube City emerges as Seoul’s primary live, work, play, and stay destination—an authentic and vibrant pedestrian-oriented district with a six-level 80,000 square-meter retail complex and a major performance hall at its rooftop as its centerpiece. A 42-story landmark office and hotel tower rises from the commercial district, while a new public park connects the project to the Shindorim Station. Two adjacent 50-story residential towers complete the new urban complex. D3 City attracts millions of visitors annually, resulting in one of the most visited destinations in Seoul.


Image feature: 360° Medias

Image D-Cube City: Detlef Schobert

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