Is King Alexander still alive?

Alexander the Great is by far the greatest Greek of all times and one of the most important people to have ever walked the Earth. His influence in Greece was so powerful, that even hundreds of years after his death an “urban legend” was considered real…

The sailors of the Greek ships, crossing all the known seas of the world, were not worried about the weather or other possible problems. Their biggest fear was to cross paths with the notorious Mermaid. This Mermaid was the sister of Alexander the Great and she used to stop the ships, asking the sailors: “Is King Alexander still alive?” If the answer was positive, backed by strong arguments, she wished everyone good luck and the ship could continue its route. But if someone from the crew would reply “no”, then she would turn the ship upside down, drowning everyone”.

The Greek State did not have a great track record at MIPIM. Before the crisis its participation was mainly focused on the… beauty of visiting Cannes. The stands were big, but usually the delegates were not really willing to offer information, promote investments and finally attract investors. Or sometimes the Greek State simply did not have clear projects to promote…

That was until 2008. Then the crisis began and Greece simply vanished from the exhibition floor.

Now, in 2012, when the whole world has heard millions of negative stories about the country of Alexander the Great, I was curious to check this year’s status. Is the country still alive? Or, loving my country as I do, would I have to give only positive replies, to escape the modern “mermaids”?

I walked to the stand of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, at level 01, stand 18.08. This is the fund that the Greek State has set up, in order to exploit the country’s impeccable properties. Should I expect the old mentality again?

Surprise! Greece is showcasing at MIPIM with the best presentation I have seen during the last few years. The Fund is here with its team, starting with its Executive Director, Mr. Andreas Taprantzis. You will also find well known people with years of experience, representing the Real Estate division of 4 important Greek Banks.

“No more general talk. We have specific projects for which we will have calls of interest in the following months,” Mr. Taprantzis said. “We have prepared great locations with unique advantages and a clear status. Our procedures have been simplified and investors are welcomed to participate in the tenders”.

Talking with many of the Greek delegates, I saw for the first time a professional team, talking to investors and being at their disposal to offer information, resolve problems and help them understand the potential of the projects better.

“Yes, Greece is still a country with many problems and challenges. It is not my top priority” one might say. He is probably right. But the situation in Greece will be clarified during the following months.

And at MIPIM 2012 you will find serious counterparts, who will assist you in your investments in projects with the same professional approach as you find in any other serious European country.

Alexander the Great might not still be alive, but Greece is back on track, ready to leave the problems of the past behind. MIPIM 2012 is the best proof for this. Even the mermaid would agree…

Top image credit : Photobank gallery

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