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For two years now, your intrepid roving blogger, tweeter and all-round social media mogul has kept you up to date with MIPIM goings-on, making sure you’re the first to know when Boris Johnson wears lycra or when stuffed toy puppies are going spare. It’s been the best of times! But, after MIPIM 2012, I’ll be hanging up my social media cap and passing the baton to Johannah, your new ears and eyes on the ground. She’s here with me at MIPIM 2012, getting the lay of the land, and has agreed to share her first-timer observations with you as a total MIPIM newbie! Enjoy!


Thanks for that lovely introduction, Joanne. I am more than happy to take over the baton… so long as I can start off by running it up the red carpet for the MIPIM Awards Ceremony! Can’t wait for that. But for now, I suppose I should begin by sharing with you all some overall impressions and noteworthy moments from my first day as a MIPIM newbie.

If outside the weather was lacklustre above Cannes, I can certainly say that it was brighter than ever in the Qatar Pavilion. Lord Richard Rogers gave a remarkable keynote as he pushed green: “The most important change in my very long lifetime was the recognition of the importance of the environment.” Asia also made quite a buzz as Tokyo unveiled new projects and Cushman and Wakefield encouraged investment diversification through China. You can watch the China video conference here. The afternoon brought heavy anticipation and excitation for the London Olympics as Sir Edward Lister delivered an enthusiastic keynote.

On a lighter note, the Cycle to Cannes team was back this year and made a thrilling appearance in the early afternoon, bringing a whole lot of excitement in the air. To learn more about them, check out Joanne’s blog post.

The energy was definitely up at the end of the day as participants let their hair down and gathered around stands for evening cocktails and end of day discussions.

MIPIM in the twittersphere:

Lots of tweets were flying about, highlighting conferences, key quotes and great stands. Our favourite tweet of the day came from @Ben_JS_Cooper:

“Apparently next year’s #MIPIM could be happening in North Wales, something about ‘more favourable weather conditions’.”

Stand of the day

Greening your stand? Check out the Rostov stand

Quotation of the day?

“The world doesn’t need more architects, it needs more humanists.” –Massiliano Fuksas,  Qatar Urban Forum

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