MIPIM - Day 2

A festive opening night and a good dose of morning sunshine does everyone a bit of good. The halls of the Palais were buzzing with energy and heavy anticipation this morning as we settled into Day 2!

Today was all about cities and their capacity to create better infrastructure, manage old infrastructure and create new opportunities for sustainable urban development.  A confessed sports fan always hungry for my fill from ESPN, it’s no wonder I went dashing off to hear about sports events and urban development as Andrew Altman spoke about regeneration and the transformation of Queen Elizabeth Park into a dynamic urban centre of London by 2030.

I made the brilliant choice to head over to a discussion on Private Equity. Ipads and Smartphone’s (and just a few regular old notebooks) were aglow in the rows of the auditorium as Juan Pepa from Lone Star shared some positive figures for the semester in 2011.  Check out the full video of this conference here. And of course, I didn’t miss the much anticipated Standard and Poor’s/ IVG keynote on property placement. For those who didn’t catch our live streaming of the keynote, feel free to watch it from our blog. The overall message was better than I had expected, but with only a predicted “60% chance of avoiding a double dip recession”, there were certainly no champagne bottles being passed around.

Live from the Twittersphere

First off, let me just thank all you who are tweeting. By the close of Day 1, we had 1,548 tweets with the MIPIM hashtag. Keep them coming!

A couple of tweets worth mentioning today:

@cowellcom: Have social networks replaced old style Institutions, Associations and Clubs? My thought is yes. Free membership and relevant. #mipim view?

@remitaw: Amazing thing about #mipim is that people you fail to meet up with all year are here and ready to chat. No good reason but it works

And my personal favourite (considering I walked directly into a demo while I was tweeting away):

@zoom4media: The “Texting while walking” problem might be solved! #mipim #cebit

Stand of the day

Great idea… The Helsinki/Netherlands stand presented their very own fashion show, runway and all!

Quotation of the day

“The choice now is between a more efficient eurozone and a drift among European countries; the status quo is not an option” Jean-Michel Six (Standard and Poor’s)

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