MIPIM - Day 3

MIPIM – Day 3

After Wednesday’s high energy and power packed conference schedule, I was expecting to see a sluggish Thursday morning. To my surprise though, participants were up and at ’em, ready to take advantage of what the day had to offer. I crossed many MIPIM morning joggers as I made my way down the red carpet into the Palais de Festivals and wondered where on earth they found the courage to use their legs after walking the entire surface area of a small city every day. One thing is for sure…next year I’ll be bringing my trainers. Not for the morning jog – but for the daily workout running stand to stand.

Three was the magic number today. In 3 separate discussions, I heard “In about 3 years.” As concerns grow due to a struggling global system, the main question that has been floating around here at MIPIM is whether or not we will get out of this crisis, how, and when can we expect some relief. The good news is that is seems unanimous that we will indeed climb our way out of this mess, but that is conditional; we must make wise choices moving forward and adapt better to a changing economic and political structure. In a private chat following his well-praised keynote, Joschka Fischer told us, “I see Europe coming out of the crisis within about 3 years.” Moments before in a conference on Spanish real estate, managing director of Morgan Stanley, Alfonso Munk, said: “The market probably won’t pick up for another 3 years or so”. Moments later, I found myself running across the Palais to catch a few soundbites from the discussion on Valorisation of Italian public assets. Carlo Petagna from Agenzia del Demanio in Italy also mentioned a slow but sure recovery, “We need time to metabolise the redesign of the system. 3 years or so…”

Lastly, I’d like to congratulate the winners of the MIPIM Awards.

From the Twittersphere

@carbonrewind: Many thanks to @MIPIMWorld for your tweets. On the button. Really useful for a #mipim virgin.

@N_Johnstone: Failing Blackberry underlines impotence of relatively capable people in modern world, and especially at #mipim

Stand of the day

Motel One, subsidiary of Astron Hotel & Resort AG was a no fuss no frills approach, but the lovely design and faux fireplace gave me the illusion to heat up from the chilly outside terrace.

Quote of the day

Joschka Fischer: “Political union is the only answer to the economic crisis; without that the Euro will not survive”

Impressions from anonymous participants

“I’d label the mood as being measured optimism. Better than previous years for sure.”

“2008-flat, 2009-cold, 2010-dismal, 2011-dead, 2012…back in business!”

“Less freebies and gimmicks this year-mood is more serious. Business is coming back!”

“This year has been the best by far.”

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