More than core - What international investors are looking for in Germany

German’s economic strength is paying off big time, and German real estate is the flavour of the day. Investors from all over the world are scrambling to make deals and snap up portfolios from Munich to Hamburg.

This session answered the big questions about Germany, including:

What kind of assets and locations are investors looking for?

Are they ready to invest in non-core assets, seeing as prices are rocketing for core assets?

What do German experts recommend, and what do German vendors offer?


Christof Hardebusch, Editor in Chief, Immobilien Manager

Michael Cooper, Managing Partner, Dundee Real Estate Asset
Ulrich Höller, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Management, DIC Asset AG
Fabian Klingler, Managing Director, Aberdeen Immobilien KAG
Matthias Leube, Managing Director, Head of Real Estate Germany, AXA Real Estate

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