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ABBARCH Architecture Inc is a Canadian architectural firm that specializes in retail, residential, industrial and institutional projects. Located in British Columbia, ABBARCH Architecture has over 115 employees working in its Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Shanghai offices.  The company has also formed a number of partnerships across the globe since its inception. These associations have allowed ABBARCH Architecture to push for portfolio diversity and extend its service offering.

ABBARCH Architecture is currently exploring new grounds and looking for opportunities in countries where it does not have a strong presence, but where the demand is fierce! In the coming years, the company’s expansion plans will greatly rely on these international partnerships and the exportation of talent according to the specificities of each new project.

The company also believes in developing its expertise by allowing for the sharing of aptitudes across borders. For example, just recently, ABBARCH Architecture temporarily exchanged one of its Vancouver employees for a Prague employee from Technoprojekt a.s., one of their affiliated firms in the Czech Republic.

ABBARCH Architecture’s professional teams have a wealth of experiences in institutional, commercial, retail and residential projects and want to spread it across borders. Through its global affiliations, the company is now able to offer its clients an expanded team of over 300 professionals spanning three continents. With a number of new projects on the way, ABBARCH Architecture is doing well!

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Image: ABBARCH Architecture’s 530,000 square feet project in China, the Yuxin Residential Development, Dadukou District, Chong Qing PRC

Top image credit : Photobank gallery

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