Property Influencers: Isaac Kalisvaart

Isaac Kalisvaart, CEO of MAB Development in the Netherlands and winner of Real Estate Person of the Year Award 2009-2010 at the Vastgoedmarkt Real Estate Trends conference, sits down with us to discuss his vision on the current state of the retail business.

MAB Development have their core market in the Netherlands France and Germany with a strong focus on urban retail and increasing interest in factory outlets. Despite slowing growth in these regions, their focus will be in transforming existing retail areas and centers. Isaac believes it is still a very dynamic market and stresses the importance of good networking: “If you build the right alliances, you can still do exciting new projects.”

In this exclusive interview, he speaks about the presence of US retailers coming into European markets and the need for a mutlichannel approach. Despite the growth in online sales, retailers are still using a physical space and those spaces need to be attractive to the consumer.

He also highlights the importance of integrating online into tradition retail: “Social media will be found in more and more stores, making for a very exciting shopping experience for the consumer.”




Short on time? Skip directly the questions that interest you below:

What are your objectives at MAPIC? What are you focused on?

Are you seeing a slow down in consumption? How do you see the next 12/24 months?

Where do you see the innovation that’s happening in the retail space?

How important do you think digital & multichannel are going to be?

What types of innovation will we see in the bricks and mortar market?

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