UK Regeneration welcomes you to MIPIM 2012!

Ah…. Greetings to Le MIPIM 2012. And isn’t MIPIM always the most glorious end to grim old winter? And – blow me down – I find myself looking forward to what will be my 15th MIPIM.

Imagine that! Blast it all that, what with the new badges, I don’t get to sport my old youthful image on my badge anymore, it had a bit of the Dorian Grey all that, and it really used to cheer me up. But hey! Lots else to cheer the spirits, after all.

People have been pestering me for news of what UKR will be doing at MIPIM this year
and preparations have been fever-pitch, so I am thrilled to now announce our intention to
assume the commanding heights of the MIPIM debate with our keynote event “A Game
Changer” to be hosted by our good friends Jones Lang LaSalle on their stand LR4.13 in the Lerins Hall at 4pm on Tuesday 6th March…..

You may recall that at MIPIM last year we announced, with not inconsiderable hubris, that
UKR intended to become “Big Money” in 2011/12. And, one year later, extraordinarily, we
have managed to get some very real traction on this aspiration-with-chutzpah. And what a
journey it has been! We have much to report on real progress.

Some of you will be apprised of the work that was done to support Grant Shapps at the Parliamentary Select Committee on Regeneration hearings over the summer, and our associated press campaign “UKR pledges to build 20,000 home by 2020” (rather charmingly Mr Shapps described this as “ambitious, even for government”).

And most of you will be aware of the great success of our partnership with the Estates Gazette to form the Regeneration Commission to steer the Build a Better Britain Campaign that formed the industry response to the social unrest of last Autumn. We have also had a wonderful year commandeering the regeneration debate in the UKR Forum….. But there is more, much more, to tell. And it was all started at MIPIM this time last year. So see you Tuesday and you’ll get it hot off the press…..

But what else is in store for the week ahead? We have been discussing what will be
the national themes for MIPIM this year and, to be honest, it’s rather difficult to assess.
Obviously the Olympics, the recession and the Eurozone crisis present a very mixed
bag for the UK property industry and it is difficult to gauge the emerging themes and
the mood.

But the UKR camp (and we’re out here in force; be afraid, be very afraid) is expecting a huge amount from MIPIM despite – or almost because of – the economic uncertainty out there. We are clear that if people just stop doing things – don’t invest, don’t develop – that we’ll never get out of this mess. So we’re being bold. We believe we’ve got to hold our nerve and find new ways of doing things. And you can work with us on this if you like, we’re not proud or precious.

We have our UK Mission to MIPIM stand again this year, building on our inaugural presence in 2011, and I’m thrilled to report that it is better subscribed than last time, despite the financial woes of many participants.

For folks new to the MIPIM game do seek out the very able team on stand 19.09, they are more than happy to help and they know absolutely everyone. They will seek you out some meaningful introductions and – best of all – a proper laugh, is guaranteed as standard to the service.

But most exciting for us is the potential for the new things that we will be saying: it is
common knowledge with all of you that UKR has been working with Barclays, Jones Lang
LaSalle, and many other senior professionals to devise new models for investment in regeneration projects in partnership with local authorities.

We hope to get some real traction around all of this at MIPIM this year as we announce our pilot project in one of Britain’s core cities. And we are supporting Reed Midem, the event organisers by putting on a seminal programme around the future for residential development, notably the private rented sector.

So all to play for, and a real lot going on! The UKR Regeneration Massive blogging team will be reporting on all the major themes as they emerge in the next few weeks. Have a wonderful MIPIM one and all.

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