Visiting Toronto?

What’s up with the city? Immigration, a recent densification policy, a renewed quality of life, stable financial institutions and knowledge.

Immigration: 100,000 new people per year choose to live in Toronto. Moreover, 50 % of the greater Toronto demographic was born outside of Canada. Those citizens have chosen a quality of life and want to invest in their adoption country. They bring development and money into the city.

Densification policy: Two years ago, the Greater Toronto area voted for a new densification policy and created a green belt. This brought people back into the city and made the streets come back to life. The financial quarter is now lively at night and offers security, entertainment, and high standards of living. Toronto is also the biggest condo market in North America.

Quality of life:
People want to live in the city. Coca-Cola has decided to move its Canadian headquarters from the suburbs to Toronto’s downtown area due to a high demand amongst employees. Toronto’s advantages include: a new quality of life, a sense of security, low crime, a different lifestyle, financial stability, and cultural diversity.

Stable financial institutions:
Canadian banks are stable. The Toronto Stock Exchange is one of the largest in terms of energy and mining stocks. Indeed, the natural resources sector is financially huge, with benefits coming from Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Maritimes and Quebec. This attracts investors looking for high quality investments.

Toronto has the expertise and the financial power to support the development of natural resources such as mines and oil. Furthermore, qualified people coming from renowned universities have a knowledge that attracts companies in specific sectors, such as: digital animation, web application development, digital animated film, and clean technology. Companies want to bring their products to a new level and Toronto can help them achieve this. Knowledge is part of Toronto’s success.

Johanne Royer
Communication Expert – Könige communications
Könige communications is a communication agency that distinguishes itself through its strategic communication approach and by its ability to achieve goals by offering clients a range of integrated services, such as communication counselling, branding, web strategies and design, public relations (press relations, speech writing, coaching) and event planning. Johanne Royer is the founding president of Könige communications. She is also the official representative of MIPIM in Canada.




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