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Technology and design are the cornerstones of green building. As the world becomes more conscious of energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, architects and designers have a growing need to demonstrate cutting edge approaches to reduce the carbon footprint of new and existing commercial buildings.

New in 2012, MIPIM launched Building Innovation, a 280m² showcase pavilion, highlighting the most innovative initiatives in design, construction and management through a conference series and best-practice sharing sessions.  The pavilion showcased some of the most innovative solutions available to increase the value of real estate assets and to provide a vibrant knowledge-sharing hub.

Below is an edited version of the Keynote address on Building Innovation by architects Kim Herforth Neilseen, Tobias Nolte, Thomas Willemeit and Ma Yansong.



Projects presented by Kim Herforth, 3XN Architects:


[slideshare id=12672498&doc=02kimherforthnielsen-120424120117-phpapp02]



Projects by Ma Yansong, MAD Architects:

[slideshare id=12673000&doc=05mayansong-120424123814-phpapp02]


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  1. Smart design is exactly the right phrase to use. It shouldn’t just be about aesthetics anymore – or even space utilisation – but how the space is built, how the waste is managed in building the construction, and so on.

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