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The  ABF-Brazilian Franchise Association is a non-profit entity, founded 22 years ago with the objective of contributing, promoting and striving for technical and institutional development of the franchise system.  ABF works hard at assisting Brazilian chains and at expanding their operations outside the country. The entity maintains relationships with the main international franchise associations, so it promotes and participates in the sector’s most important events abroad. They also help foreign franchise networks come to Brazil through their franchise exhibition,website and magazine.

Ricardo Camargo, executive director of the Association, sits down with us at MAPIC in an exclusive interview to discuss his thoughts on the retail franchise business in Brazil.





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What are your objectives? What do you want to achieve here at MAPIC?


Tell us what is going on right now with franchises in the Brazilian Retail Estate sector?


What are the key innovations that retailers and franchise company owners are going to need to embrace?


In developing the retail business, do you think there should be more communication and collaboration between different players?

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