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Deichmann is the German and European market leader in shoes, offering one of the largest selection on the market for all age groups. Their message is simple: ensuring outstanding value for money while staying on top of the latest fashion trends with scouts exclusively focused on bringing current fashion developments into their collections. The retail group has not only held a commitment of ensuring long term growth with sustainable practices, but as a pioneer in e-commerce, it has remained on the cutting edge of technology with a well established online and virtual presence.

From the acquisition of administrative buildings, to the construction of new shops, Deichmann pushes eco-smart principles and efficiency. They encourage modern, environmentally friendly technology by using solar energy, heat pumps and energy-saving lighting designs. This is why the company’s largest distribution centre in Bottrop, with a surface of 40,000 m2, received the 2003/2004 Nordrhein-Westfalen government’s Ökoprofit certificate.

With the creation of their online shop in 2000, Deichmann was regarded as a pioneering venture by the industry. Since then, they have developed their e-commerce by offering the site in 20 countries and have increased their online presence by engaging with social media platforms like Facebook, where they feature their latest brand ambassador, Halle Berry. This enables them to continually seek out not only new customers interested in their collection, but also those generally interested in fashion, informing them about the general trends of the season. They achieve this with their own fashion blog, using celebrity style and the fashion scene as a source of inspiration, but according to Deichmann, also giving their designers and trend scouts their say: “Customers are used to visiting our shops and quickly find the latest trends at affordable prices; we want to give them an online fashion platform, where they can find concrete recommendations. That way, we are contributing to the democratisation of fashion. Our aim is to make lifestyle affordable for everybody.”

Deichmann a family-owned business since 1913, is headquartered in Essen, Germany. Deichmann SE is currently active in 22 countries with around 3,200 local shops and employs approximately 32,500 people. 2010 saw the highest growth rate since the German reunification. Despite increasing wage costs in the producing countries as well as increasing goods and energy prices, expectations were well exceeded in 2011 throughout 21 European countries and the USA, with a turnover increased by 5 percent. Internationally, DEICHMANN sold about 156 million pairs of shoes (152 million pairs previous year). At the end of 2011 the group ran 3,175 stores worldwide (2010: 2,939) with 32,500 employees (2010: 30,000).

Source: Deichmann Corporate Site


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