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Mr Muhyiddin Razack is Head of Private Funds & Investor Relations at Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd Singapore. Previously, he was responsible for sourcing and evaluating new acquisition opportunities as General Manager for MapletreeLog in the Middle East. He joined the Sponsor in October 2006 to augment the investment activities of the Mapletree Industrial Fund (“MIF”), a pan Asian private equity real estate fund established to invest in income producing industrial properties, with equity capital provided by the Sponsor and third party investors. As a member of MIF, he was instrumental in real estate investments in Malaysia totaling about RM235 million.

We were fortunate to get a few minutes with him at MIPIM Asia last November to discuss his views on investments in emerging Asian markets.

Check out our exclusive interview below!




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What are your primary objectives for attending MIPIM Asia?

Where do you see the main growth areas around the region?

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